Why are you offering FREE online lessons?

Teachers -- just like any other professionals -- have to upgrade their skills, try out new methods and techniques, and we are no exception. That is reason one. When we give free classes, we usually experiment with new teaching ideas, materials and techniques. Our primary goal is develop materials and teaching techniques for tutoring pairs and small groups of students, which means that all our free lessons are given to small groups of 2-4 students, and there are no one-to-one project lessons. The second reason is that we also offer teacher training courses to tutors who wish to learn about online teaching, and these people need someone to give their lessons to in order to put all the theory into practice. 

What is EnglishLab.Net (ELN)?

 The ELN is an online language school headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia - you can learn more about the founder of the school on LinkedIn. Our e-school was founded in 2009, and ever since that time has specialized in helping people to study for higher level examinations in English, such as IELTS, higher level Cambridge Exams and TOEFLibT. We are a team of highly qualified enthusiastic teachers.

 Are ELN project lessons (= free online English lessons at EnglishLab.Net) any good?

 e believe they are, but you had better see for yourself. 

All the teachers, both our regular staff and our trainee teachers are great enthusiasts and do their best when giving ELN project classes. We hope that volunteers will enjoy them, and their English skills will improve as a result of taking our classes. Everyone is welcome, although we cannot guarantee that everyone who gets registered will get invited, for ELN project is all about pair and small group classes, 2-4 people in a group. 

How do you form groups?

We interview each and every volunteer and add his/her name to our waiting list. When a second volunteer that has the same level and is available on the same days and at the same time contacts us, we form a group and schedule a class. If we cannot find a volunteer a language partner, we just keep waiting. If you register in summer, and we find no one who you could pair up with,  we will keep your name on our volunteer list, and will invite you next term. We do not give individual ELN project classes as a rule.

Who can take part?

Free online English lessons are given to adult learners of English whose level of the language ranges between elementary and advanced. The volunteer students are accepted from around the world on a pro-bono basis. The lessons are given to pairs and small groups of 3-4 students online using Skype (audio-chat) and the ELN Online Classrooms at www.study-english-online.net (more on this)

How does it work?

3 step procedure
 STEP 1 your tutor calls you and your groupmates via Skype (audio only)

STEP 2 you and your tutor enter the online classroom 

at www.study-english-online.net 

STEP 3 your lesson begins

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Each volunteer is invited to acquire a free ticket that will entitle him/her to the right to attend a placement interview via Skype to negotiate the contents of his/her free classes, to determine his/her level of spoken English, to set the dates and clock times of his/her free ELN small group classes, and to learn about ways to enter and navigate our online classrooms.

How many lessons can I attend?

Each ticket entitles the purchaser to one 1-hour e-lesson in a group of 2 to 4 students. However, you can get just one ticket because you only need one to attend a placement interview. After that you can always get some more. 

What else will I have to do to take part?

Please note that invitations to attend placement interview will be sent by email and will request registration at www.study-english-online.net and doing the diagnostic grammar test at www.englishlab.net/moodle

 Where can I contact the organizer with any other questions I might have?

EnglishLab.Net  www.englishlab.net

DETAILS http://www.english-lab.net/about/contact

LinkedIn http://lnkd.in/7qbF25

Do you have questions about ELN project - Contact EnglishLab.Net